About Us

Al Sulaihi specializes in supply of complete solution of building materials for hazardous areas within sectors including Construction, Oil & Gas, Power and Petrochemical. Moreover the Product Range also includes Industrial Hand Tools used in sectors.

              We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a Multinational group of companies dealing in all kinds of Engineering Products, including Hardware Tools and Building Materials. The patronage in forming this group initiated in 1976 when simultaneous investments were made to develop business in Gulf and the Indian Sub-Continent. Later the business was expanded to target European Market. Our service is remarkable, prompt and our guidance with our long standing experience helps our customer to select "Right Product for Right Application at Reasonable Price."

Since then the business has flourished in all the regions, and has developed a goodwill and value for its customers by providing high quality products and value added services. We take great care in selecting our suppliers and their products in terms of quality, consistency, price and their service, which in turn helps us to be on the mark of our commitment to our customers.


Free Delivery

Al Sulaihi Provides free delivery to all our valued customers. A delivery day and a delivery sequence which enables us to keep accurate track of our vehicles at all times and ensure that we stick to our delivery deadlines. In order to keep our delivery system running smoothly and in order to ensure that you get your delivery on time, we have established a route planning system. As a customer, this gives you peace of mind knowing that your deliveries will take place on time, every time.

Credit Service

Al Sulaihi Building Materials providing 90 days credit service for all our valuable customers. Al Sulaihi Building Materials provides the best value and highest quality tools in the world.

Quality Tools

Al Sulaihi Building Materials is exclusive importer of Hand Tools, Cutting , Milling Tools, Abrasives & Measuring Tools. Al Sulaihi Building Materials headquartered in the UAE and is dedicated to growing the Machiner industry with quality tools. Al Sulaihi Building Materials provides the best value and highest quality tools in the world.